Buying Online


May I invite you to explore our small but select inventory of antique clocks and vintage watches. You can click on “Current Inventory” to see all the offerings laid out or go to “Home Page” to see our featured items which I rotate among the five categories. Explore and you will find “antique” items or “vintage” items, those of lesser age and represent a high degree of handcraft skills and in a style as to define an era of design.

Thanks for visiting and looking over my website. I am a one-man operation, so if considering buying I recommend you first call: 484-431-5543 or write using our email response form under “Contact Us” on the website.

All clocks can be shipped, and the more delicate items will need some special attention. In many cases I can pack or crate the item here and deliver it to the UPS or FedEx shipper, or I can deliver the item to a local shipper for packing and shipping by them.

Bank checks, cash or personal checks are accepted for payment subject to clearing, Many purchases can be delivered and set up by me within a reasonable distance between Connecticut and Northern Virginia.


If this is a larger item, you may avoid the costly step of crating by “blanket” shipping. I have the names of several reliable shippers who do this.

Although I am willing to guide you through a set-up procedure on the phone, it’s a good idea to have someone knowledgeable to help with set up. Clocks that have weights or detachable pendulums that usually have to be removed from the cases to safely ship and might be shipped separately.