Other Time Pieces

Fine American Ships Chronometer (#170)


  • A rare American presentation chronometer by H. H. Heinrich, New York.

  • Late 19th Century.

  • Fine inlay brass bound coromandel or rosewood three-tiered box of the finest quality.

  • Engraved ivory plaque, engraved silvered 24 hour dial signed and numbered by the maker.

  • Featuring Heinrich’s patented auxiliary.

  • Chain fusee, jeweled movement, damascene spotted plates.

  • Earnshaw spring detent escapement, maintaining power, split bimetallic balance with heat compensation cylindrical attachments.

  • Helical balance spring, in a fully gimbaled brass bowl and locking device with screw bezel.

  • Comes with an outer carrying case.

  • 7" X 7" X 7" 

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Enamel Desk Clock and Stamp Holder (#286)


  • Details to Come